Artpride presents during the cultural festival the installation Blue Light by artists Nilsson van der Horst together with Eveline Gorter at Spuistraat 21 Amsterdam. Open 24 hours 25-26-27 october 2013





Artpride presents Reflections, a show by Fernando Madera, organised during Amsterdam Gay Pride 2013.

The opening will take place on August 1 2013 from 5pm-8pm at Zwanenburgwal 178, Amsterdam.

The show runs from July 28 to August 10. The gallery is located in the heart of Amsterdam, opposite the Waterloo square and City hall.

Fernando Madera (Mexico, 1983) is an illustrator but his background is design and fine arts.
He attained his BFA-degree in Montreal, Canada, but he has also studied at Parsons The New School in New York.

In this large solo exhibition Fernando will show his newest artworks. Six mirrors with drawings printed on them in such a way they seem to be etched into the surface.

The source for the drawings are original vintage photo’s of escort boys made in the seventies and eighties. They were used as decoration on the walls of the bar of an old boy brothel, which is now abandoned.

Fellow artist , a friend of Fernando, found them and was inspired to use them for a book he is writing ‘ Vernuftige Spiegels ‘ ( Ingenious Mirrors )

¬†asked Fernando to make drawings for this upcoming book and presented him with his found vintage photo’s. Fernando then made drawings in pencil which were later printed onto mirrorglass.These mirrors reflect upon lesser known aspects of gay culture and reveal the transient beauty of youth which is so often wasted on the young.

Other works are large prints of colorful drawings made with markers, blown up to hughe sizes.The works have a tribal feel to them, and seem abstract but upon close examination one will discover all kinds of imagery hidden in the colourful extensive patterns.

During the exhibition a presentation of original drawings and photo’s used to create the artworks will explain the creative process and inform about Fernando Madera’s background and art.

The theme of Amsterdam Gay Pride 2013 is Reflect . Fernando’s works follow this theme in the sense that they are Reflections : a fitting title for this show.

Text: Mr. Bibo, July 2013